9. 2016 – Year In Search

Every year, Google  produces their year in search.  This year I found personally powerful with all of the events that happened.

Check out the Google Trends, Year in Search video here.

More than just the powerful video, check out this great list of breakout searches, by month, for the year 2016.

Specific to Canada (though you can change the location with the dropdown menu), here are the top searches by category.


Dropdown menu to change location for search results

If you are bringing this into your classroom, when you click on the top searches, you will get be sent to that searches Google Trends graph which will showcase how popular that search was over a specified time period.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.57.06 PM 1.png

Here are some great prompting questions:

  • When was this search most popular and how do you know this?
  • What was happening in Canada, at that time, to increase the number of searches?
  • If we looked outside of Canada, do you think we would see this as a top search?  Justify your answer.
  • What is the overall trend of this search?  What does this tell you about Canadian culture?