19. Audio Notes in Google Keep

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the #ECOOCamp in Owen Sound and co-run a surprise session with Jen Apgar.  Throughout this pop-up session, we shared tips and tricks relating to using GSuite in the classroom.  We started talking about Google Keep and the amazing accessibility features included it the small, but mighty app!

In Google Keep you are able to take a voice note, this is helpful to record sound that is happening around you but it is also a quick way to write reminders.  Google Keep takes it one step further though.

Each time you create an audio recording in Google Keep it will automatically transcribe what you are saying into text in the Keep note itself.  Talk about voice-typing! Merge this with the power of opening Google Keep inside of a Google Doc and you’ve got two tools that make creating content easy.

So how do you do this?

1) Download the Google Keep App on your Phone

2) Open the app and click the microphone where you create a new note.

3) Say something.

4) Once it is quiet, the microphone disappears and your voice note is not in your Keep note and it has been transcribed.  You can still add an image, additional text and reminders to this note.

5) Ninja Trick – now go to any Google Doc.  Under “Tools” then “Keep Notepad.”  All of your keep notes now appear on the right-hand side. Drag the keep note to add the text t your Doc.

18. Pictures to Google Drive

Do you take pictures of work and students on your personal device?  Would you love a way to store them directly to your Google Drive?  Look no further than the Google Drive App!

Using the Google Drive App on Android or iOS, click on the plus (+) button.  Select the icon with the camera and take the image.  If you are happy with the image, click the checkmark and it will be uploaded to Google Drive.


Note: Android devices will always save as a PDF and iOS devices will always save as .jpegs.

One last thing to note is that whichever folder you are in in the app will be where your image saves.  Make sure you are in the correct folder or in the Main Folder of your Drive.