16. Session Buddy

If you are like me, you often open the same tabs to complete tasks daily or weekly.  It is sometimes a pain to search through your drive each time to find the webpages to open.  Not only is it repetitive, but it takes away your time from working with students.

Screenshot 2018-04-10 at 7.29.24 PMSession Buddy is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to save ‘sessions’ and open them with one click!  Add the extension and then click on the extension icon.  This will open up the Session Buddy interface and allow you to save your open windows for use later.  Clicking the ‘x’ for each tab, you can remove tabs you do not want to save.

Session Buddy always works well for history – you can review tabs open from ‘recent’ instances of Chrome.  Always there to make sure you have all the tabs you need.

It should be noted that Session Buddy is not cloudbased, so it does not sync between devices – a definite wish of mine.



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